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Hop To It

Easter will be here soon, so it’s time to hop to it!

A long time “bunny” fan, this is a favorite holiday of mine. I’ve amassed a small collection of bunnies, over the years, but I’m always looking for more! And, though my sons are teenagers now, I can’t resist filling up their childhood Easter baskets – dark chocolate for one son and milk chocolate and anything “gummy” for the other.

The bunny plate is a favorite of mine. A darling neighbor in Charlotte brought it over, filled with cookies, as a welcome to the neighborhood gift. I always think of that family and their now grown daughter, who used to babysit my boys.

I guess with this holiday, as with most, it’s the traditions and memories that make them special and worth putting effort into. I always hope that I’m creating special memories for my children.

Some “bunny” is wishing you a wonderful week!