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Tulip Party in Better Homes & Gardens

A few years back, I had one of those “pinch me” moments!  Nearly two years after a photo shoot at my house, the Tulip Party was in print in the May 2018 issue of Better Homes & Gardens!

What an honor it was to appear in this classic American magazine, first printed in 1922 and currently the 4th best selling magazine in the country! In addition to working with my dear friend and stylist extraordinaire, Eddie Ross, the article also featured the art work of my darling friend and incredibly talented artist, Jeanne McKay Hartmann. You can find her watercolor originals available at Watson Kennedy, in Seattle, and you’ve also seen her work for J McLaughlin, Draper James and Scot Meacham Wood!

Here are a few of the pages….there were 6 in total and there was a bonus shot of my window boxes in the Table of Contents! Go here for the behind-the-scenes of the photo shoot!! And, if I’m honest…I’d love to see the tulips pop up in another magazine, as I’ve added so many more since these photos were taking. If you know someone….let me know!