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24 ways to kick start 2024

We all get into ruts. So, learning what other people do to level up can be helpful. Here are 24 things that I am doing in this first month of the year to clear space and advance my goals. Most are fairly small and simple, but small and simple can add up to bigger things! Maybe one idea will spark something in you or you might already be doing these things.

Let’s kick start 2024!

  1. Buy a new calendar
  2. Select pens in your favorite color and keep on your desk
  3. Clean out one closet, drawer or room each week
  4. Schedule a pickup of vour donations (I like Vietnam Vets b/c I can schedule online and they take a lot of things). I keep a box in my basement and add to it as I come across things that need a new home.
  5. Buy fun stamps and new stationery and write 1. note a week
  6. Treat yourself to fresh flowers (I love tulips, but you get your favorite!)
  7. Get rid of dingy towels and take advantage of a white sale
  8. Delete duplicate & bad photos on vour phone
  9. Update your holiday card list so you are ready for next year
  10. Drink warm lemon water before you have your morning coffee or tea
  11. Get outside every day – walk, run, hike
  12. Stretch 10 minutes a day
  13. Plan 1 fun new activity or adventure each month
  14. Listen to the audiobook Atomic Habits by James Clear
  15. Try a new hobby – I’m doing needlepoint & calligraphy
  16. Reach out to a friend you haven’t seen or spoken to in a while
  17. Gather some book recommendations, make a list and read or listen to 1 book a month
  18. Make dinner reservations someplace new for next month
  19. Fill a carafe of water each night for the following day
  20. Schedule your dentist & doctor appts for the year
  21. Get a pedicure, even though no one will see it
  22. Listen to a new podcast
  23. Write down all you accomplished in 2023
  24. Start researching or planning a special trip