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Happy New Year – Parade of Tulips


Happy New Year!!!! Can you believe we’ve started 2016?

As today is the Parade of Roses in Pasadena, CA….I thought I’d give tulips their own little parade-via-post today. I’m an equal opportunity tulip-lover…pink is great, but I love them in every shade. Here are the tulips that caught my eye and dressed my home in 2015. So, as I look ahead to a new year, I’ll be looking forward to the tulips blooming and sharing those and more with you in the year ahead.purple IMG_5523 IMG_5652 IMG_5691_2 IMG_5699_2 IMG_5785 IMG_5924 IMG_5939 IMG_6087 IMG_6093 IMG_6104

Remember to bloom where you’re planted this year! Happiest New Year!