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Memories of Ravello

I have the ravishing Amalfi Coast town of Ravello on my mind. This time last year, I was preparing to travel there for my birthday. My uncle and extended family have just been there and I know people heading there this summer. Oh, how I wish I was going back, too!

Ravello is at the top of stomach-churning winding roads, high above the Amalfi. It’s an eagle’s eye perch from which you can get your bearings and see this stunning area of Italy from a unique vantage point.

We stayed at the Belmond Caruso hotel and it is reknown for its beauty and it’s sky level pool. It gives new meaning to the word infinity!

I’ve mentioned before how the air was filled with intoxicating scents…floral, herbal…a delicious mix. And, that brings me to another thing that was quite memorable from our stay there. It was this delightfully light spritzer. Apparently this is something that you can find throughout Europe, called The Hugo, though the garnishes may be different. I stumbled upon the recipe via Salt and Wind, a travel/food blog. Their photo matched mine, so I’m pretty sure this is the right mix. It’s the perfect summer sipper! Travel is a wonderful thing…because the memories linger long after the actual trip is done. So, this summer I’ll be traveling to Ravello in my mind and sipping Hugos in my little garden.

Are you traveling anyplace special this summer? I’d love to know!