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Paris for the Holidays

Paris is in the news a lot these days. And, not for the reasons I wish it was.

The violent protests by the “yellow jackets”, the landmarks disfigured with graffiti and the frustrations that are boiling over…were not evident when my husband and I were there right before Thanksgiving. I’ve been meaning to share some snippets of our trip, and in doing so give you a view of what Paris appeared to be just weeks ago.

We stayed at a boutique hotel on the Right Bank, La Reserve, which has a glossy, red front door. They are also known for their discreet and quietly elegant service. We absolutely loved our stay there.

A stroll down Rue Saint-Honoré, on our first day, led us by glamorous shops and to the Palais Royal (the black and white steps). We ventured through the Tuileries Garden, noting the empty green chairs, and toward the Musée l’Orangerie where we paid homage to Monet’s Water Lilies. Dinner at Verjus was amazing!

Day Two took us to Versailles – a separate post on that is forthcoming.

Day Three found us in the early morning hours at the Trocadaro for a close-up view of the Eiffel Tower, then to the Museu Picasso, lunch at Le Petit Lutetia, a walk through Saint Germain, a stroll through Le Bon Marche and a walk back across to the Right Bank. Dinner at new, hot spot, Lapica Girafe, rounded out our trip.

We felt that the city and Parisians throughout were extremely kind and welcoming…more so than when we took our boys 8 years ago. This holiday season, I wish for Peace everywhere, but no more so than in Paris!