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Spring Break – Cabo San Lucas

Buenos Dias!

I’m still in a Mexico frame of mind, where the pace was slower and the weather was warmer. This Spring Break, I decided our family could benefit from a “vacation” instead of “trip”. The big difference between the two of those, to me, was being scheduled and on the move versus rest and relaxation.

I’ve been to Cabo a handful of times, but hadn’t been in 5 years. This trip I chose a new-to-us hotel, The One & Only Palmilla, after reading many, many positive reviews about their service. I can now add my name to the list of their fans, as the service lived up to and exceeded expectations!

Here are few of the things that stood out:

  • 2 separate beaches…one for lounging and walking (big rocks and big waves) and another perfect for swimming, paddle boarding, kayaking and snorkling
  • Every single waiter asked us if we had any allergies or dietary restrictions. Now, our family doesn’t, but so many of my friends have children with life threatening allergies, which would make it an excellent choice if that is an issue for your family.
  • The spa – the facilities, atmosphere and treatments were top notch
  • Lush landscaping – compared to other hotels I’ve stayed at in Cabo, this had the most lush and beautiful landscaping. We joked that if felt like a movie set.
  • Security was plentiful, yet discreet
  • There was a high touch at every interaction and the hand offs between the staff were so smooth and seamless. Even when they dropped us at the airport, someone was with us until we went through security.

Three of our favorite meals away from the hotel were Flora Farms, Hacienda and Edith’s.

Flora Farms was so special it deserves its own post, which I will have on Wednesday. Hacienda was recommended by our concierge and is right at the water in the main town of Cabo. We loved the atmosphere and the food. Edith’s (pictured below) is an institution and our concierge told us the #1 reservation in the area. We loved everything about it!

I would HIGHLY recommend all 3 of these restaurants – and can assure you that they are much more reasonable than any of the hotel restaurants. The warmth of Cabo was felt not just in the sunshine, but in everyone we came in contact with. If it’s a place you’ve thought of visiting, you won’t be disappointed!

Muchas gracias, Cabo…we had a great time!