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Tulip Update & Winding Down

Right on schedule…the tulips are blooming! It has been my Mother’s Day gift for the past 10+ years and they never fail to bloom!

This year, I am seeing them with fresh eyes.  They have come to represent this blog, my love of flowers, my love of tulips, the advent of Spring, Mother’s Day, and….me. For more than 10 years, they have appeared on blogs, in social media and in my garden. Their annual arrival is anticipated.

But, a lot of other things have happened in that decade. My children have grown up. My sons were in pre-K and 2nd grade when I started this blog. Now, the oldest is looking at colleges and my youngest is finishing Middle School and heading to High School. Two members of my family have had emergencies that required hospital stays. Thankfully, both are fine today. We adopted a beautiful King Charles Cavalier, Molly, who has brought us endless joy. We’ve traveled, experienced job changes, completed a renovation, had the typical highs and lows as everyone else and in the midst of it all….we’ve looked forward to the tulips.

Now, it’s time to transition.

I have loved the conversations, the connections, the friendships and the opportunities. I was blogging before Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and the term “Influencer”. I was always about sharing what I loved and made life more enjoyable and not as much about algorithms and SEO. Blogging has changed…and so have I.

I’ve decided that it’s time for me to wind things down. Over the next 2 weeks, I’ll share some of my favorite posts, a “best of” of sorts. And then, I’ll be taking an indefinite break. There is a lot of content here on PPT, so I’ll be leaving the site up for at least the next year. But, I won’t be posting 3 days a week, or 5 days a week, like I did in the beginning.

As things change, one thing remains….the tulips. When one garden gate closes…another opens. I’ll still be on Instagram, so please follow me there @theprettypinktulips.