PPT x Bespoke Designs Stationery

A beautiful stationery collaboration between Pretty Pink Tulips and Bespoke Designs

  • Red Alert!

    Red Alert!

    Surprises. We all get them. Sometimes we are happy about them and sometimes we are not. And, sometimes we need a little time to realize that the… More

  • Tulip Update & Winding Down

    Tulip Update & Winding Down

    Right on schedule…the tulips are blooming! It has been my Mother’s Day gift for the past 10+ years and they never fail to bloom! This year, I… More

  • A Fond Farewell to the Tulips

    A Fond Farewell to the Tulips

    The tulips are officially gone, but after one of our rains (we had a lot of those last week!), I grabbed my camera to try and capture… More

  • Looking Forward to the Tulips

    Looking Forward to the Tulips

    I love having something to look forward to. In my case, it’s my garden blooming, primarily the tulips, and spending languid afternoons outside. But, as anyone who… More

  • Sunny Days Ahead

    Sunny Days Ahead

    You may have seen on the news that the 2nd Nor’easter in a week is headed this way. School is cancelled. It’s a snow day! Yet, we… More

  • Holiday Outdoor Decor

    Holiday Outdoor Decor

    Over the weekend, our home got its outdoor holiday update. Always a variation on a theme of greens, magnolia and red berries….this year’s holiday decor is simple and classic,… More

  • Garden Update

    Garden Update

    The summer growing season is in full swing, but is a little behind the normal schedule. My hydrangea bushes and trees have typically bloomed in full by… More

  • Friday Flowers – Late Spring/Early Summer

    Friday Flowers – Late Spring/Early Summer

    For today’s Friday Flowers, I wanted to share what’s growing in the garden this early June. Ferns, ivy and lady’s mantle are all flourishing, while hot pink… More

  • A Day at Trade Secrets

    A Day at Trade Secrets

    My 2nd annual visit to Bunny William’s Trade Secrets in Sharon, CT, did not disappoint! We arrived before 8am, with the fog enveloping the landscape. But, as… More