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Holiday House Guests

For many of us, the holidays mean welcoming family into our home for several days. As it has often been easier to have our family come to…

  • Garden Party Recap

    Garden Party Recap

    Last Friday, I welcomed a group of friends to celebrate Spring! As I have lamented, it was a very long winter, so this was a celebration I… More

  • The Confetti Bar – Celebrate Every Day

    The Confetti Bar – Celebrate Every Day

    Life is to be celebrated. The little things. The big things. The things that make you smile. Milestones. Accomplishments. Holidays. Wednesdays. The Confetti Bar has made confetti… More

  • Pencil This In

    Pencil This In

    Do you like pencils? Or are you more of a pen person? You know….inking things in. Making them permanent. Or do you feel the need for some… More

  • 8 is GREAT!

    8 is GREAT!

    Birthdays are always special, but there is truly something GREAT about turning EIGHT!  Here’s a colorful glimpse at how we celebrated my son this past weekend.  If… More