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After a weekend of skiing, we came home to a snow day for my kids! 7 inches and still falling!!

Winter has never been my favorite season, but I’ve learned to embrace it and basically chill. 

The proper attire really helps. I’ve finally resigned myself to a “uniform” of leggings, Aquatalia (waterproof) boots, a long sleeve t-shirt and a sweater. I’m warm but most important, I don’t look like the Michelin man. Which is so easy to do when the temperatures are frigid.
I also use this oil religiously after I shower, but before I towel off. Heavenly smell. Skin so soft!
And I relax indoors with the latest books and magazines. Peachy just unveiled it’s winter issue which is full of cool features, such as this architecturally stunning home in Park City, Utah, known as “the Mining House”.

Over the years of living as a Texan in Northeast, I’ve learned that the more I accept that winter is just part of the deal and prepare accordingly, the more I’ll enjoy each and every day… until I see the first glimpse of Spring.

What are your tricks for thriving in cold weather?