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Color Me Kerri

If there is one thing I am craving right now in the dead of winter…it’s COLOR! The kind of color that makes you happy and adds vibrancy to a space. In this month’s issue of New England Home Connecticut, artist Kerri Rosenthal is featured along with her colorful home. One that continues to evolve around her artwork.

I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Kerri at her home and seeing her attic studio…paint dripping everywhere and paintings propped up, ready to head off to new homes. 
It’s where she painted my cherished “pretty pink tulip” that graces the space above my living room fireplace. Go here to see my visit to Kerri’s studio and the tulip she painted just for me. You can also read my first post on Kerri here…written nearly 3 years ago.

Kerri’s art has continued to have a meteoric rise in its popularity and collect-ability. To see her featured with a magazine spread of her own is nothing short of delightful!

Most importantly, she is a vibrant soul and shows us how a home is about what you love. In this case, it’s her art….and the rest can be changed and moved around as needed. It’s not uncommon for her to start painting…and then begin redecorating!

Kerri has updated her website and it is fantastic! To see more of her work and what inspires her, take a peek here!

Keep on coloring, Kerri! It makes so many people happy!