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Eddie Ross Makes a House Call ~ Part 2

Let’s pick up where we left off!! OK….Eddie’s in the kitchen, Jaithan is packaging up Etsy treasures for our friends….and we are all oohhhhing and ahhhhhing and eatttttttting!

Fig jam (Eddie says leave it in the jar) and a smattering of cheeses — notice how he uses the wooden serving board — the older the better.

With each round of demonstrations, the group would draw in closer and closer — it was amazing to see this transpire. Eddie doesn’t just entertain, he truly educates his audience.

Here, he just took mozzarella balls and mixed in with peppers and olives – into the scooped out bread bowl.

Eddie uses EVERYTHING – see how he used the cut off top of the cantaloupe to serve as a base — it’s just held together with a couple of toothpicks.

Eddie made his own herbed goat cheese by rolling it in finely chopped herbs – use whatever flavor speaks to you.

So, this is how Eddie does a cheese platter — it’s all about abundance. Layer it on!!! Another tip was to stick a fork in the cheese, as well as a knife. How many times have you been jiggling and jiggling to get a piece of cheese without lifting up the cheese?! And, the next time you’re at a flea market, go ahead and grab those mismatched knives —- and then use them on your cheese board.

Eddie preps the next dish by using white porcelain spoons for individual portions. Notice how the spoons pop against the dark wood tray and are accented once again with a small floral design.

For all of you Asian food lovers, this is a keeper. Ready for the recipe? Think you can handle it? All you need to do is call ahead to your favorite Asian restaurant and have them make up a tray of dumplings. How simple is that? Eddie suggests slicing them in half, for a more manageable bite.

Here he spoons warmed soy sauce directly on the dumplings.

Check out this next arrangement. You can do this out of your garden (or your neighbors, if you’re friendly!). Hosta leaves….that’s right….just hosta leaves and a single rose. And, yet, so glamorous!!

Once again, single serving dishes really make this little bite feel special. Eddie peeled and sliced the cucumber, used a flower shaped cookie cutter, then scooped out the center. Instead of boiling live lobsters (that could have made for an interesting party), Eddie used the lobster salad from Stew Leonard’s. A little bit goes a long way, so even if you splurge on this…you can stretch it out.

How gorgeous is that?!

With tips and tricks like these…we’re all sure to look like a pro at our next party. Thank you, Eddie & Jaithan, for pulling back the curtain to your genuis & your generosity for just one afternoon. It was pure bliss!

Now, who agrees that Eddie needs to write a book?!
xo, Elizabeth

ps: If you can’t make it out to Millerton for Eddie & Jaithan’s Tag Sale…..just tag something on Etsy. No driving required! Wishing you and yours a very safe and happy Memorial Day Weekend.