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Mid Summer Night’s Dream

Here in the Northeast, summer is at it’s mid way mark. And, let me tell you….we are savoring it. Winter takes up more than its fair share on our calendar, so when it finally warms up, everyone in town heads to the beach.

Mid summer here also means CLAMBAKE! A true midsummer night’s dream!!

The canoe is iced down (not sure who thought of that originally, but I think it was brilliant!), drinks and appetizers are on the beach, so you kick off your shoes shortly after arriving.

After a delectable dinner, the music gets louder and before you know it….we’re all dancing.

That’s how we roll up here….what’s happening this weekend in your part of the world?!

ps: my heart goes out to all those in my home state of Texas, which is hotter and drier than it has been in over a century.