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When Life Hands You Winter

Winter has really dealt most of us a big whollop of cold. And, it’s easy to complain and find it irritating. Would I prefer being on a beach? Yes, probably. But, I’m trying to go with the flow and not against it. Don’t you find that when you do… things seem easier, less uphill.

So, I am into embracing winter and reflecting on some of my favorite winter memories, be it snowshoeing on the tranquil paths at Twin Farms in Barnard, VT or sledding in our neighborhood with my boys. 

So, in the event you find yourself feeling the chill today…layer up, bundle up and watch your step. Once the day is done, find a good book and a fire and make yourself at home. Seasons change and bring us what we need. This is the season to slow down. Go with the flow. There’s nowhere you need to go.

Sending warm thoughts from my cold corner of the world! And, when life hands you winter, don’t forget your mittens!