Holiday House Guests

For many of us, the holidays mean welcoming family into our home for several days. As it has often been easier to have our family come to…

  • New Month, New Start

    New Month, New Start

    Continuing with the idea of September being a new start for many (new school year, renewed focus, jumpstart the coming year), I thought it would be fun… More

  • Spice It Up

    Spice It Up

    Sometimes, life needs a little spice. A little kick. Here are some great ways to dial it up a notch this week, whether you celebrate Cinco de… More

  • Gluten Free Apple Crisp

    Gluten Free Apple Crisp

    With Fall in full swing and apples in abundance, I am craving the smell (and taste) of a hot apple crisp in the oven! I’m not gluten… More

  • Summer Treat: Floral Popsicles

    Summer Treat: Floral Popsicles

    Did the heat break where you live? It finally stormed off last night, thank goodness. I grew up in Texas, as most of you know, so I… More