Holiday at Home

img_4981As I prepare to get the house ready for the Christmas holiday, I like to look back to see what I did the year before. Over the years, I seem to “decorate” less and less, focusing on a select group of favorite items and adding in a little something new. There are a few things that I always gravitate towards….nutcrackers, santas, Spode Christmas, greenery, antlers/deers and silver.

I typically use the Spode Christmas pattern for breakfasts or informal meals and save the Bernadaud Grenadiers (Nutcrackers) for dinners or more formal meals. The silver sleigh bells that hang from my dining room chandelier were a special gift to my boys, over a number of years, and I enjoy using them, creating memories with them, knowing that one day I will give them each their set.

Savoring the holidays is more important to me than “doing them”. I enjoy a holiday party as much as the next person, but am seeking the quiet days and nights on my calendar so I can calmly listen to holiday music  while wrapping gifts or planning special moments for my family.

As you begin to transform your home into the holiday wonderland of your dreams….make time to savor the process. It’s part of the magic of the season.img_5010

img_7846-1024x1024 img_7916 img_7945 img_7948 img_7949img_4881 img_7906Cheers to you and the first weekend of this blessed and busy season! Remember….S…A….V…O….R it!


Happy Thanksgiving Week

screen-shot-2016-11-20-at-9-36-37-pmAfter my trip to the grocery yesterday, I’m indulging in a fantasy to spend Thanksgiving at a beautiful resort like Blackberry Farm. It seems everyone else is trying to start their food shopping early.

How fantastic would it be to wake up in one of their cottages, piping hot coffee delivered to your door….deciding whether you would go horseback riding or hiking…and dressing for a turkey dinner, with all the trimmings, that you did NOT have to cook (or clean up)?!

But, as I will be cooking and having company this week, I think I’ll just look to the tips of Kreis Beall, founder of Blackberry Farm, as told to Williams-Sonoma in 2013, to make our Thanksgiving as special as possible.

Ent 108 Thx Dinner Antique Servewear Version 2 A130804 Williams Sonoma Thanksgiving 2013

Ent 108 Thx Grambel Kitchen Dinner Table Setting A130804 Williams Sonoma Thanksgiving 2013


Ent 108 Thx Grambel Kitchen Cocktail Hour At Blackberry Farm A130804 Williams Sonoma Thanksgiving 2013

img13l screen-shot-2016-11-20-at-9-35-41-pm screen-shot-2016-11-20-at-9-36-50-pmAs it’s a busy week at our house, I’m signing off for the week. I would like to wish you and your dear ones a most wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. May the turkey be plentiful and the conversations civil!


Fall Entertaining

An intimate dinner party this weekend was an opportunity to test drive some Thanksgiving ideas. I always pull out my Spode Woodland this time of year, as the color and style reflect what’s happening outside our windows. I love that it is gracious without being stuffy. I also love pulling out my antler steak knives….my husband makes an amazing tenderloin!

For the flowers, I was drawn to the texture and colors of the kale, artichokes, orchids, berries and roses. I worked with a local florist to pull my choices together and have them delivered the day before the dinner. That way, I can have all the table elements out of the way before I focus on the cooking.img_0693 img_0704 img_0706 img_0699 img_0700 img_0703 img_0705I may not repeat this exactly for Thanksgiving….but I feel a little more prepared.

What are you planning for your Thanksgiving table?