magnolia for the holidays

Holiday House Guests

For many of us, the holidays mean welcoming family into our home for several days. As it has often been easier to have our family come to…

  • Holiday Decor – Outdoor

    Holiday Decor – Outdoor

    December is here and so, too, is my holiday decor (at least on the outside), thanks to Cindy Mills and her team at Gardens.  I love a… More

  • Holiday Home

    Holiday Home

    Dressed for the holidays! I honestly spend more time thinking about how to dress my house than how to dress myself. This year looks a lot like… More

  • Merry Magnolia

    Merry Magnolia

    Merry Magnolia!!! I can’t believe it’s already time to decorate for the holidays. I actually still have pumpkins outside (I know, I know), but am dreaming of… More