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Italy Part 2: Capri


I’ve been dreaming of visiting this island for many years and the rest of the itinerary was built around our time here. We took a private boat from Amalfi to Capri for a 4 hour tour along the Amalfi Coast, through and around the famous Faraglioni rocks and a complete tour of Capri and its many grottos.

The White Grotto was one of my favorites (pictured below, along with the Green Grotto), but alas the Blue Grotto was closed on the day we had planned to see it. I guess we’ll just have to go back! This was a great way to get our bearings, understand where various beach clubs (such as La Fontelina, pictured above) were located on the island and was a fun way to bridge the time between check out at our first hotel and check in at the next.
DSC_0379 DSC_0362 DSC_0368DSC_0372IMG_3276IMG_3259A dream within the dream was staying at JK Place Capri, as we had previously stayed at JK Place in Florence and JK Roma. We were not disappointed!!! Designed by Michele Bonan, the chic, JK style enhances the stunning circa 1875 mansion, containing just 22 rooms,  overlooking the Mediterranean.

JK is located above Marina Grande, which gives great access to the boats. Not being in town may be seen as a detraction to some…but we felt it was a plus. The hotel will drive you the 10 minutes to town or take you to the docks in their little electric cart to catch a boat. During the daylight hours, visitors coming just for the day flood the small town, so we found it an asset to be at one of the beach clubs, by our pool or on a boat at this time. Early evening is a perfect time to return to town for an apertif and some shopping before dinner.IMG_3320IMG_3543IMG_3292IMG_3308IMG_3309 IMG_3316IMG_3312IMG_3356 IMG_3299 IMG_3344IMG_3342DSC_0381IMG_3315 IMG_3531Where to Stay:

Getting a reservation at JK is half the challenge. My best advice is to plan early. A year in advance if possible. Other hotels that you might consider (or prefer if you want to be closer to the action) are Quisisana, La Scalinatella (same owner, but smaller and no children) or Tiberio Palace. If you don’t stay at JK, it is the perfect spot for lunch or a sunset cocktail.


Da Paolina-have dinner in a fragrant lemon grove

Da Giorgio-amazing pizza in a casual setting with beautiful views (filled with locals)

Villa Verde – open air, lively and fun

Al Grottino – recommended but we ran out of nights

Beach Clubs:

La Fontelina: there is so much to say about this one that I’m doing an entire post on it for Monday.

Il Riccio: We loved it! It is right next to the Blue Grotto, so you can combine seeing it and then stop in for sunbathing and a leisurely, lavish lunch. Known for its food, we think it was one of our best meals. Make a reservation for both lunch and the sunbathing. This is KEY!

Lido Faro: This beach club is one recommended by our hotel, but one we never had the chance to try. It is located at the lighthouse, which is still working. It is known for its amazing sunsets, so visitors are known to stay late in the day.

Conca de Sogno: Recommended by friends who said it was the best meal they’ve ever had. It is also where you find bold faced names and can enjoy one of the most delicious zucchini pastas ever! Like most of the clubs, a smaller boat from the club will come pick you up from your boat and bring you ashore. That is half the fun! It is equal distance from Capri and Positano, so you can get their from either one. We used one of our days in Positano to go there (and used their boat).IMG_3322DSC_0376IMG_3323 IMG_3333IMG_3331One of the most fun ways to get around is in the colorful taxis. Each has a different interior color and cover. Of course, my husband flagged down the pink one for us!

Shopping along Via Camerelle, which is filled with numerous shops (Hermes, Pucci, Eres, Gucci, etc…) is also home to Canfora Sandals where you can get a custom pair (I got 2!) , just like Jackie O, and has a storied Roman past. It is also the road that links the Quisisana hotel to the pathway leading down to La Fontelina. I just loved it was covered in pink bouganvilla!IMG_3428IMG_3337Many people think that Capri is perfect for a day trip and that’s what I originally planned. But, a chance meeting with someone influenced me to extend our stay and it was the best advice! We were there for 4 nights and it was not too long. We met numerous people who go every year, typically bouncing between their favorite beach clubs and restaurants each day.

I’m dreaming of my return trip already! Next up on the blog….La Fontelina and then Positano.