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Italy Part 3: La Fontelina Beach Club

IMG_3370Come. Sit. And, let me tell you about THE beach club in Capri….La Fontelina.

Originally founded in 1949 on a rocky spot, right by the Faraglioni rocks, La Fontelina has been host to numerous sun worshipers over the years, including many famous faces. You might wonder what makes a beach club set on a bunch of rocks so special. Is there sand? No…there’s no sand. Is it easy to get to? No, not really. Do people go for the food? No, not really…but it’s very good. That’s not why people come here.

People go to La Fontelina for the view and the vibe. It is a family business that has endured storms and destruction. There is a resilience in this beautiful spot. They’re protective of this space and it has become a beacon to those who visit Capri.

We spent two of our days here and it gave us a chance to see it from different vantage points. On the first day, we made the long trek down (and back up at the end of the day) a steep, winding path, so we were rewarded with the aerial view of all those blue and white umbrellas. On the second day, we arrived by boat (which was much more enjoyable) and left the same way. If you have a choice….I say…go by boat!
DSC_0337IMG_3884La Fontelina is run the old school way. Reservations, which are a MUST, are written down in a big book. They are most definitely not on Open Table. And, there is a pecking order. There are regulars who go multiple times a week, year over year. They will get priority. But, you might get lucky. We did on the second day. It most likely had to do with a request from our hotel. But, I think it helps to go more than once.

That said, there are a number of cool locations to get set up with a sunbed or chairs and umbrella. They have everything, including towels, so you can just bring your sunscreen and your favorite book.DSC_0338 DSC_0339DSC_0366 IMG_3366The sangria. What can I say? It really is THAT good. We weren’t sure if we would order it, but we knew someone there who went every year and when we saw they ordered it, we followed suit. Good call. It was light, delicious and refreshing. Definitely give it a try!IMG_3377IMG_3378DSC_0343DSC_0367 IMG_3363IMG_3368DSC_0365IMG_3371Sometimes a place just defies explanation. La Fontelina is just such a place. It’s a magical little spot, atop some rocks above the Mediterranean with a million dollar, make that a 10 million dollar view. If you ever have the chance to go, I hope you’ll love it!