Holiday House Guests

For many of us, the holidays mean welcoming family into our home for several days. As it has often been easier to have our family come to…

  • Hello, Sunshine

    Hello, Sunshine

    Yesterday, I took a bike ride with my son.  I made him stop when we got to this saturated stretch of daffodils. It’s amazing what a little… More

  • Celebrating with Friends & Tulips

    Celebrating with Friends & Tulips

    Where did the time go?!? As of this past weekend, I’ve been penning this blog for 5 years! Yet, it feels like just days ago that I… More

  • Bunches of Bunnies – Hunt Slonem

    Bunches of Bunnies – Hunt Slonem

    With Easter around the corner, I have bunnies on the brain. Bunches of bunnies! Such a fun motif to weave into your decor this season. And, the… More

  • How to Say “Anything” With Style

    How to Say “Anything” With Style

    It’s not what you say. It’s how you say it!  Why not say just about anything with a LOT of style. These sassy banners can be customized… More

  • 5 Things I Have to Pack for Trips

    5 Things I Have to Pack for Trips

    We’ll soon be heading out on Spring Break, so I have travel and packing on my mind. Whether I’m headed to a sunny spot or a mountain… More

  • Raise a Glass to the Weekend

    Raise a Glass to the Weekend

    What a week! Snow, snow and more snow. Planes skidding off runways. Pileups on the highway. Ice. School cancellations. I think it’s time for a cocktail! If… More

  • Made in Heaven

    Made in Heaven

    I’m always open to new ideas and sources, so when I hear about the same place twice in a matter of days….I really stop and listen. Someone… More

  • Dallas, Art & Connections

    Dallas, Art & Connections

    I just returned from Dallas last night…what a crazy, snowy weekend there! Only to fly back into New York during a snowstorm. So happy to be waking… More

  • Wash Day

    Wash Day

    Wash day. Actually, that’s most days for me. And, I’m guessing that’s true for you, too.  One of the most important rooms I wanted to improve during… More