A Political Party

IRHandler-1One thing you may not guess about me is that I’m a bit of a news/political junkie. I like to be informed. I watched both conventions. I think our votes matter. And, if there’s ever been a year to have a front row seat….this is the year. Who knows where things will end up in November, but as of today, it’s a cage match.

So….thinking ahead, this is the year to think about hosting an Election Night party in November. Julia B. has created the perfect cocktail napkins for the occassion. Whether you’re with “Her”, feeling the “Bern”, or want to “Make America Great Again”, we are all in this country together and whoever wins this election….WE must live and work together. IRHandler-2International relations are also a key part of this election…so Julia has you covered there, too!

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Yesterday, was the birthday of one of our country’s favorite first lady’s…Jackie Kennedy…and she had 4 key pieces of advice for hostesses. You can find them here!

Whatever your beliefs are….let’s celebrate that we all have a voice and a choice! Let the general election begin!


Garden Update

DSC_0265The summer growing season is in full swing, but is a little behind the normal schedule. My hydrangea bushes and trees have typically bloomed in full by now, but this year they are blooming a little later. I’ve also noticed that the hydrangea bushes have less blooms than in years past. That’s part of the fun….you never quite know what will happen each season.

That said, things are looking green and lush. Here’s a look!DSC_0274DSC_0267DSC_0271 DSC_0272 DSC_0273 DSC_0275 DSC_0276 DSC_0277And, of course, I always love a pop of pink with the mandavilla that flanks our back door.

What’s blooming where you live?!!


Letters of Luxury – Nancy Sharon Collins


That’s what I thought when I saw the engraving work of Nancy Sharon Collins. Her work, which has appeared in Veranda, Town and Country, Martha Stewart Weddings and Departures magazine,  is not new….she has been designing custom monograms and ciphers since the 1970s. But, in an era where communication is usually limited to 140 characters and hitting “send”, it seems that I am drawn more than ever to the art and craft of hand engraving.

Nancy specializes in hand engraving on onion skin…a whisper-thin stock that was favored by Ernest Hemingway and jacqueline Kennedy Onasssis…at one time delicate and precious.

Nancy welcomes custom work, so if you are looking for something truly special, reach out to her and have her create an heirloom work of art.3000Ledonne_Violett-1500x1250 Blue_OS_NSCII-1500x1250 Figure5-Lagnaippe-Fall2015Artcmyk-III Lane-Ewing-card-photo-1125x1500 Leslie-Rylee-green-photo-1500x987 nsc-9-998x1500 Pink_NSC72a Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 9.49.37 PM Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 9.50.09 PM Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 9.51.57 PM sMs-ciphershalf-inch-steel-die-1500x1120 Wei_Monogram-e1410547727136Hello-Darling-new-product-shot-web-retouched-1500x1091Receiving a thoughtful letter on gorgeous stationery is a luxury today….let’s be part of the movement to fill up those mailboxes! The ones attached to our houses, not our computers!