Hares by Caroline Reehl Boykin

blue+hare+36x60+caroline+boykinWith Easter on it’s way, I wanted to share with you one of my favorite bunny artists, Caroline Reehl Boykin. Actually, Caroline says her paintings are hares and I can see the difference. These are less cutesy and more sophisticated and strong. Either way…I love them!

Even better, Caroline and her collection of hares were recently featured in Elle Decor for an Easter “bunny” themed brunch. The combination of art and entertaining is inspiring, as many of us prepare to set tables of our own this week. easter-brunch-1-1490987270 easter-brunch-2-1490987397Stare+Hares+24x36+Caroline+Boykin easter-brunch-3-1490987897Playful+Hares+30x30+Caroline+Boykin-1 easter-brunch-5-1490987366Caroline+Boykin+Easter+Brunch+2Caroline+boykin+Easter+Brunch+8Caroline+Boykin+Easter+Brunch+9Caroline+Boykin+Easter+Brunch+11Caroline+Boykin+Easter+Brunch+17After seeing this beautiful brunch, I think I’d better hop to it for Easter!


photogrpahy: Anna Routh

7 Years of Pretty Pink Tulips

IMG_6104-1024x1024Time sure does fly when you’re having fun. 1,237 posts and 7 years to be exact. That’s how long ago I started this blogging adventure…when one of my sons was in elementary school and the other in Pre-K. Now, they are in high school and middle school. They’re growing up and I guess, so am I.

9 years ago, I decided to plant pink tulip bulbs in the front and side of the house and see how they looked. They became one of my favorite parts of Spring. And, I’ve enjoyed sharing them with you.

Just like a lot of us change hairstyles, my house has gone through some changes. After tearing off deteriorating shutters, I just left them off for a while and painted the door light green. Then, we renovated, added on and I put black shutters on the house and painted the door a glossy black. We lost our beautiful crab apple trees that had stunning hot pink blossoms. We added pear blossom trees and the arbor gate. The window boxes and pots usually vary each year. Everything is up for grabs except the tulips. They have been a constant.

I’m actually thinking about planting something different next year. A different color tulip. Perhaps alliums. I’m still deciding. But, in the meantime, here’s a look over the past 8 years of pretty pink tulips.DSC_0006 DSC_0010 DSC_0015 DSC_0034 DSC_0037 DSC_0051 DSC_0172 DSC_0174 DSC_0180 DSC_00271 DSC_02021 IMG_3391-768x1024 IMG_5939-768x1024 IMG_6087-768x1024

IMG_8815-768x1024 IMG_8851-1024x768 IMG_8852-768x1024Thank you for joining me on this journey over the past 7 years. A lot has happened – to all of us – but it’s nice to know there are some constants. In my case, it’s pretty pink tulips. They’ll be blooming again soon.


Trade Secrets Coming Up – May 13,14

DSC_0207-686x1024For the past 2 years, I have delighted in attending Trade Secrets, the quintessential rare plants and garden antiques show, conceived of by Bunny Williams! Located at the bucolic Lion Rock Farm in Sharon, CT, selected vendors display thier plants and garden accessories under tents and out in the open.

This year, I will sadly miss the event, but want to encourage you to make the trip if you can! This year it is on Mother’s Day weekend, May 13th and 14th. The sale will happen on the 13th and the private gardens tour will occur on the 14th. The garden of Bunny Williams and John Rosselli is among the gardens you can tour.

My advice is get there EARLY! Wear wellies or shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty. And, come ready to have fun! If you want to grab a yummy lunch, I love the White Hart Inn in nearby Salisbury.

Here are a few shots from my last visit.DSC_0209-676x1024 DSC_0213-685x1024 DSC_0219-685x1024 DSC_0220-685x1024 DSC_0221-850x1024DSC_0259-1024x685 DSC_0222-685x1024 DSC_0227-685x1024 DSC_0254-1024x685If you love to garden, this event is not to be missed! Give Bunny my best!